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No fax machine at home? We can help

For all of your faxing needs, we have you covered. We use the latest high-speed, quality fax equipment to ensure your faxes arrive quickly and crisply. Corner Postal provides prompt and affordable incoming and outgoing fax services for business and personal use. It is part of our full-service, one-stop shop including packing, shipping, document printing, mailbox rentals and other services. You can use our faxing service to send and receive also: just give our fax number (505-898-8065) to anyone wishing to send you a fax and we’ll have it ready and we can send you a verification email. Just think – can the best online fax services compete with that convenience?

When you need faxing services

The professionals at Corner Postal know that most of us don’t send faxes regularly. However, any of us can have the need for an occasional fax sent over a fax machine. When you need to hit send an outbound fax to trusted partners for financial matters or you expect to be receiving faxes from a business, the Shipping Corner Postal is your go-to place for affordable and fast fax service.

Corner Postal fax services

When faxing service is called for, we go above and beyond internet faxing, online fax services or mobile apps for mobile devices. Your paperwork is too important to rely on a web portal for sending faxes. We take a strong customer service approach to the faxing process. . Give our fax number (505-898-8065) to your business associates, family, and friends, and we’ll notify you whenever a fax comes in.

Available Fax Services:
  • Incoming and outgoing local fax
  • Incoming and outgoing domestic long distance fax
  • Incoming and outgoing international fax
  • Satellite fax number sending