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International Shipping in Albuquerque, NM

If you are looking for an international shipping center that will go above and beyond to make sure that your International parcel shipping goes smoothly providing peace of mind to you and your family throughout the entire international moving process Corner Postal is at your service! With a reputation that speaks for itself, we would love to offer our years of professional international shipping experience and services to you or your business. Regardless of what country you are shipping to or from, Corner Postal can assist you in your shipping tailoring a combination of our services to suit your international shipping needs or the needs of your business.

Corner Postal offers a variety of shipping services and options allowing you to choose between Ocean Freight or Air Freight. Corner Postal’s international shipping rates are calculated by the total number of cubic feet or kilograms. If you are shipping a large shipment, we suggest you ship by ocean as it is more cost-effective. However, if you are sending a small shipment that falls below the minimum ocean shipment volume, it may be worth shipping by air.

Fast & Reliable Package Delivery Around The World

Shipping packages internationally can be a time-consuming process – involving paperwork, tariffs and regulations. Every country has different laws and rules regarding commodities entering their country. You also need to know the rules for import taxes, international duties, brokerage fees and other additional costs that may be assessed on your shipment. And don’t forget the specialized international document requirements—if you don’t include the proper paperwork, your shipment may never arrive.

Let us help. We understand the ins and outs of International Shipping, including customs rules and regulations. That’s where The Corner Postal comes in. Let us handle the details; we’re your neighborhood international shipping experts. We make shipping easier.

Cheap international shipping services

Often people are surprised at the affordable prices of shipping goods around the globe. When you are not on a strict time deadline for delivery, we can help you find options at fairly reasonable costs, considering the thousands of miles your package might travel. International business and global relationships have brought down the high costs that customers may have faced in the past.

DHL international shipping Shipping in Albuquerque, NM
Working with international shipping companies

One of our keys to success in global deliveries is our long relationships and partnerships with leading international shippers. We stay current with shippers’ competitive rates, which allows us to get you the best prices. We only use the most reliable and trusted shippers, even if they may cost a bit more than new “off-brand” companies. That gives us the peace of mind that your packages will arrive safely at their destinations.

UPS international delivery

The Corner Postal is an Authorized Shipping Outlet, ASO, for United Parcel Service or UPS, one of the more popular international shipping services. The “guys in the brown trucks” have delivered packages to consumers and companies since 1909. Our experts are knowledgeable about shipping internationally with UPS and can tell you about UPS Canada, UPS Puerto Rico, UPS Worldwide Express, UPS Worldwide Saver, and other services. Some shipments, such as those to Mexico or Canada that are needed in a specific number of business days, can be delivered as quickly as tomorrow or up to a week later. This is dependent upon air or ground shipping service.

DHL international shipping

Internationally, DHL is a dominant package carrier. At Corner Postal, we offer excellent personal service and very competitive prices on DHL deliveries — often even lower than if you logged onto the DHL website and shipped the package or document yourself. If we can’t match or beat a delivery price, we will simply tell you to take your shipping there. This has not happened since we implemented our pricing policy in 2019.

We are your international shipping specialists

When you need to send mail or items out of the United States, stop by or contact the Corner Postal. You can save time searching and rest assured that you are working with international shipping professionals. We have the expertise and customer service to ensure safe and prompt delivery around the world. Contact us soon — we look forward to helping you with your global shipping needs.

DHL International shipping – FEDEX International shipping – UPS International shipping – USPS International shipping

As International Shipping Specialists, we provide the following:

  • Shipping to over 200 countries on 7 continents
  • International documentation – Commercial Invoice, Pro Forma invoice, E. E. I. forms
  • Multi-carrier shipping options
  • International packing service
  • Automated Airway bill

When it comes to international shipping in Albuquerque, NM, come to Corner Postal and simplify your life.